Artykuły dla preppersów i o preppersach

Witamy w dziale Prepper News. Poniżej znajduje się zaktualizowany zbiór artykułów prasowych, które albo przedstawiają lub omawiają preppersów, prepping i survivalizm.

Rok 2022

  1.  Off-the-grdie cabins, bunkers, and estates that preppers will love – MSN
  2. Documents Shed Light on Secret U.S. Plans for Apocalyptic Scenarios – New York Times
  3.  The Baby Formula Shortage and the Rise of Rational Disaster Preppers – The New Republic
  4. Surviving a day of doom at a Florida prepper convention – New Hampshire Union Leader
  5. Dr. Kral Kruszelnicki reveals he was once a doomsday prepper who fled to the Blue Mountains because he believed a massive tidal wave would swamp Sydney – Daily Mail UK
  6. Ultimate Prepper’s Property – With a Gold Mine – Available for $5.75M –
  7. Are Preppers Crazy or Smart? – Varsity
  8. Prepping for Doomsday, Feminist Edition – SLATE
  9. The Idaho Realtor Whose Clients Want Less Government in Their Lives – CURBED
  10. Real preppers aren’t panicking about nuclear war because they’ve always been ready with a plan in place – Inews UK
  11. Those Ukrainian “preppers” who for years have been preparing for war with stocks: “We must save ourselves” – Ruetir
  12. Manufacturers report a spike in demand for underground shelters since Russia invaded Ukraine – Business Insider
  13. Prepper mum offers tips on storm and earthquake survival – Wales Online UK
  14. $940k Prepper Palace in Indiana has a Well-Hidden Underground Bunker –
  15. Bug Out to Your Own Decommissioned Atlas Missile Silo for $380k – The Drive
  16. If doomsday prepping has taught me anything, it’s that we can’t survive alone – Waging Nonviolence
  17.  If You’re a Doomsday Prepper You’ll Love This Michigan Mansion – Mix 95.7
  18. Construction experts see 32% increase in preppers building bunkers and safehouses – Wales Online U.K.

Rok 2021

  1.  Bunkering Down – doomsday prepper converts missile silo into underground skyscraper to survive nuke disaster – The U.S. Sun
  2.  Prepper’s Estate with four houses and 20-person bunker under six-inches of steel hits the market for $6.5 million – Daily Mail
  3. Preppers is a deep reading of colonial violence – and a hilarious, must-watch Aussie TV comedy – The Conversation
  4. HUNKER DOWN China sparks ‘doomsday prepper’ frenzy amid fears of Taiwan war after calling on residents to stockpile food – The Sun
  5. ‘Doomsday prepper’ mom who lives ‘off-grid’ in Alaska details VERY drastic steps she’s taken to get ready for an apocalypse – (our very own SHTF Blog contributor Morgan Rogue) – Daily Mail UK
  6. ‘Doomsday prepper’ runs shop in Cornwall selling supplies for the end of the world – Metro UK
  7. Brit ‘preppers’ always ready for Armageddon were dismissed as paranoid – then Covid hit – Mirror UK
  8. Prepping for a possibility of survival challenges – Downtown Newsmagazine
  9. Germany is not as stable as we think. Just ask its preppers. – The Economist
  10. The Silicon Valley Wealthy Have Become Super Doomsday Preppers – Business Insider Australia
  11. Opinion: What a community of preppers taught me about survival – CNN
  12. Wisconsin Doomsday Shelter is a Million Dollar Prepper Paradise – Q98.5
  13. The Future Dystopic Hellscape is Upon Us – The Intercept
  14. Doomsday Prepping Goes Mainstream – NPR
  15. Secretive ‘prepping’ community growing amid pandemic, racial unrest – WRAL, North Carolina
  16. From Doomsday Preppers to Doomsday Plotters – New York Times
  17. End of the World Comedy ‘Preppers’ Now Filming in Australia – Variety
  18. What’s the minimum number of people needed to survive an apocalypse? – Live Science
  19. Secret luxury bunkers of the world’s super-rich – MSN Money
  20. 4/9 – What is ‘survivalism’ and why is it getting so popular in Spain? – euronews
  21. Were the Doomsday Preppers Right? Psychology Today
  22. No Armageddon: NASA says Earth free of asteroid risk for next 100 years – The Jerusalem Post
  23. University of Arizona preppers propose lunar ark to store backup copy of Earth’s bounty –
  24. Self-Reliance In The Modern Age: What Can We Learn From Texas Survivalists Prepping For The Worst? – Texas Public Radio
  25. Texas doomsday preppers poised for power outage as winter storm sparks end of world fears (Express UK)
  26. Preparing to Fail – We’re ‘collapsologists’ living off the land in case civilization crumbles (The Sun)
  27. Prepper fixer-upper? Missile silo in New York listed for $600,000 (Baltimore Sun)
  28. Dear social media addicts and survivalists, a state of perpetual anxiety is no way to live (The Scotsman)
  29. As a survivalist, I’m teaching how to turn ordeals into adventures during the pandemic (Independent)
  30. Looking for a doomsday bunker? Former KY lawmaker is selling his for $6.5 million (Lexington Herald Leader)
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